A Wine Investment Group is a group of individuals who come together in a partnership to purchase a vineyard. This vineyard is run by a skilled winegrower, your farmer. Each year, he pays you rent, known as farm rent, in cash and/or bottles. In addition, the legal arrangements provide considerable tax advantages. The combination of Pleasure and Sense will benefit both you and your assets.

IMPORTANT: This product is entirely different from the classic investment funds which traditionally base their evolution on the bottle prices. With the Wine Investment Group you own a tangible asset, the vines, and receive a rental income every year.

Our purpose:

To act as the interface between, private investors (natural persons) who wish to purchase a wine-producing property asset and receive the benefits of it, without taking on the professional risk and, and, renowned winegrowers who wish to enlist the support of partners motivated by the qualitative and controlled development of their business.

We are selecting prestigious plots in various regions and choosing the best winegrowers to run them.

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